Join us as we unpack the unexpected treats of the best romantic movies on Hulu.

The Lists Alec Bojalad

Mar 16, 2018

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Updated for April 2018

Romance gets a bad rap at the movies. Until you behold the best romantic movies on Hulu.

Yes, Hulu is on the case with an expansive collection of romantic movies for you to connect with your softer side… or the side of you that screams in an eternal tormented shriek, desperately trying to find a mate whose shrieks match your tone in this expansive disappointing nothingness of existence. Love is hard. Anywho, here are the best romantic movies on Hulu right now. 

Miss You Already

Miss You Already comes from original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and despite being the story of two lifelong friends is still a better love story than…well, Twilight. Miss You Already is an unabashedly manipulative tear-jerker but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth watching.

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette star as lifelong friends who share everything. Then one day a shake up arrives in the form of a health scare. Miss You Already focuses primarily on the friend side of relationships, but there is still plenty of romance to be had. 

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends

Now, that’s a title. Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends runs into the same faults that many indie romance movies do. It tries to be a about everything – to capture the wide spectrum of love and sexuality as completely as possible in a two-hour package.

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends is about that one friend group you know that always has been a little too incestuous. Friends eff friends, who eff friends and then try to figure out why their love lives aren’t working out. If you’re a part of one of those groups or merely like to make fun of those groups, Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends should be the romance movie for you.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is the second feature film from Transparent creator Jill Solloway and it’s a perfect encapsulation of the director’s talent. The wonderful Kathryn Hahn stars as Rachel who is a wife and a mother living an unhappy, sexless life with her husband Jeff (Josh Radnor).

Rachel’s journey to get her husband to actually want to bang takes her to some interesting places like a strip club where she strikes up a relationship with a stripper/sex worker named McKenna. Afternoon Delight features the flawed, yet likeable characters Solloway is known for and is a realistic, yet still affecting romance. 


Cashback wins a very important award on this list: most intriguing, provocative poster. But it’s more than just a pretty poster. Cashback is a British romantic comedy about the most mundane of topics: working at a grocery store.

For anyone who as ever been young and had an interest in the opposite sex (or any sex for that matter), however, they know that one’s place of employment is often an absolute fountain of sex and chemistry. If that simple exposition isn’t enough, Cashback comes along with a sci-fi twist and more importantly: Oliver Wood from the Harry Potter series. 

Hello, My Name is Doris

Between TBS’ Search Party and Hello, My Name is Doris, director Michael Showalter had a stellar 2016. Hello, My Name is Doris is a wonderfully sweet, equally tragic and completely hilarious romantic comedy.

Sally Field stars as the titular Doris, a lively woman in her ’60s who after the death of her mother becomes infatuated with a younger man. With the help of cliched self-help materials she does whatever she can to get his attention. Hello, My Name is Doris is an empathetic romantic comedy that will change how you view age. 

Sense and Sensibility

This Jane Austen character really seems to have a handle on romance. The 1995 film Sense and Sensibility is adapted from the Austen novel of the same name and has a great deal of talent both in front of and behind the camera. Oscar winner Ang Lee directs while Emma Thompson (yes, that Emma Thompson) wrote the script.

Thompson stars alongside Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. The movie, like the book concerns the Dashwood sisters and their sudden descent into non-stupendous wealth. Of course then the romance begins (not between the sisters, weirdos. Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant are in this thing too, remember?)

Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In may seem like another odd choice for a romantic movie on Hulu but it’s romantic and sweet in a way that few other movies are. Sure, the players involved are a little boy and a little girl vampire (though the fact that she’s a vampire may very well mean she’s centuries old, just try not to think about it).

It’s a spooky yet undeniably sweet movie that presents the female side of a romantic entanglement as the ultimate protector. 

50 First Dates

50 First Dates has a somewhat disappointing Rotten Tomatoes score. Ignore that. It’s probably partially due to many critics’ distaste for at least one of the actors in the above screengrab. Not that they can be blamed. The presence of Adam Sandler or Rob Schnieder in any comedy is rarely a good sign. In 50 First Dates‘, however, it’s not an issue at all.

50 First Dates is a legitimately funny and romantic romantic comedy. Drew Barrymore stars as Lucy Whitmore, a woman with short-term memory loss. Due to a car accident, every day she wakes up believing it is October 13, 2002. Sandler’s charcter Henry Roth meets her in Hawaii and the two must overcome this bizarre condition to establish a lasting relationship.

Much Ado About Nothing

So what does a hotshot movie director do after shepherding the first big superhero franchise team-up movie to huge success and world box office records? If you’re Joss Whedon and you just directed The Avengers the answer is apparently “direct a no-budget black and white adaptation of a Shakespeare play around your house with your buddies.”

Much Ado About Nothing is about as low-fi as movies come but that doesn’t mean it’s low-effort. This is a lovingly and intelligently crafted adapation of one of Shakespeare’s funnier and more romantic plays.

Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color is a lot. It’s just a lot. A lot of humanity, a lot of color, a lot of sensuality, a lot of sexuality – a lot. And that what makes it one of the better indie movies to break out this decade. Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos) is an introverted high school student who lives a quiet life until one day she comes across the beautiful, blue-haired Emma (Léa Seydoux) and everything changes.

Blue is the Warmest Color is everything exhilirating, frustrating, and intoxicating about love and attraction made bare. It’s a fantastic movie and a must watch for those whose perception of romance isn’t synomous with “positive.”

Room in Rome

Don’t say we didn’t warn you that this was a super sexy list. Room in Rome might be the sexiest of them all. It’s a Spanish language romantic erotic comedy about two women who spend a night in a hotel room in Rome. That’s it. That’s the plot. And that’s perfectly okay. Romance is hard to sustain over the lifespan of a relationship or, in some cases, a person’s actual lifespan.

So in this instance, one night in Rome is the perfect context and amount of time for romance to bloom onscreen. The synopsis of the film on Wikipedia, no joke reads: “Two strange women meet and have a lot of sex and epiphanies about life.” That’ll do.


If nothing else, Albatross shows that the UK has the market absolutely cornered on wide-eyed, pouty-lipped, beautiful actresses. Jessica Brown Findlay (known best to me at least for her role in Black Mirror) and Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso!!!) star as two young women trying to get their shit together whilst on holiday.

Of course there is plenty of sex, dysfunction and Arthur Conan Doyle idolizing. Fun fact: the film was shot entirely on the Isle of Man, which is home to this weird species of tailless cats.

Y Tu Mamá También

You might think that coming of age road trip movies are a thing. And you would be wrong. That’s not a genre because there is truly only one coming of age road trip movie. It’s Alfonso Cuarón’s brilliant Y Tu Mamá También. Cuarón is one of the best directors in the world, and Y Tu Mamá También shows why.

It’s the story of two (and there’s no other way to put this) super horny Mexican teens who take a road trip with a women in her late twenties. What happens on the road trip? Life, man, life. Y Tu Mamá También is a beautiful movie about youth and really everything else. You’ll find romance where you least expect it in this.


It’s hard to believe it took until 2002 for a movie to lay claim to the awesome title XX/XY. That of course refers to the two chromosonal pairings that make up women and men respectively. In the case of the film, XX/XY, there are two women and one man at play.

Sam (Maya Stange) and Thea (Kathleen Robertson) are two college students who have an awkward night of passion with animator Coles (Mark Ruffalo). The film follows the fallout of the decision and how one deals with passion differently in young adulthood and adulthood.


Not all romance movies about puppy dogs and flowers. This one just happens to be about the complexities of sadomasochism, dominance/submission and all the other fun aspects of some good old fashioned BDSM. Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as Lee Holloway, a woman who takes a job as a secretary for E. Edward Grey (James Spader).

It’s not long before Lee and Grey are embarking on a relationship built upon obedience and submission. Secretary is the movie that 50 Shades of Grey thinks it is – right down to the protagonist named Grey.

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature features two actors who were once considered only mediocre rom-com or action movie stars, yet went on to win Oscars and do bigger and better things. That doesn’t change the fact that Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck are still really good at this whole romance thing.

Aside from that, the concept of Forces of Nature is pretty fascinating. What does one do when all the forces of nature and the universe are practically screaming that you belong with one particular person when you were planning on being with someone else? That’s the question that Affleck faces in Forces of Nature, and the answer is executed well.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Casting Gerard Butler as a man so ugly he feels the need to cover his face is an interesting decision to be sure. But questionable casting aside, Joel Schumacher’s 2004 remake of Andrew Loyd Webber’s iconic musical is a fun, romantic time. 

Emmy Rossum stars as Christine Daae, an actress who takes over for a play’s lead when a mysterious accident causes the lead actress to leave. Ghostly occurences continue to happen to the production and eventually Christine comes to believe her own “Angel of Music” could be behind it.

The story of The Phantom of the Opera is wonderfully moody, gothic, and romantic. Rossum and Butler have good chemistry as the leads and the film is a worthwhile update to a classic story.

Jane Eyre

We aim to be as diverse and all-inclusive as possible in this list of romances. So what would a list of romantic movies be without a period romance drama? Not much of a list at all. Jane Eyre is a relatively recent (2011), brilliantly adapted film from Director Cary Fukunaga (of the film Sin Nombre and the good season of True Detective).

Mia Wasikowska is a revelation as the eponymous Jane and Michael Fassbender Fassbenders it up as her lordly love interest Edward Fairfax Rochester. Despite being based on a classic from the 19th century, Jane Eyre is wonderfully vibrant, alive and relatable.

Married to the Mob

1988’s Married to the Mob predates our current cultural obsession with mobwives by about 20 years. The film is directed by Jonathan Demme and stars Michelle Pfeiffer as Angela de Marco, the wife of the ridiculously named mobster Frank “The Cucumber” de Marco (Alec Baldwin). 

After “The Cucumber” is violently dispatched by his rivals Angela goes through the seedy underworld of the mafia on her own and engages with FBI agent played by Matthew Modine. And yes, despite this rather rote plot description, Married to the Mob is a comedy – and a funny one at that.


Love is hard enough as is. Love is even harder when you have a weird-ass nose. Roxanne is a modern re-telling of the classic 19th Century play Cyrano de Bergerac. Steve Martin stars as the weird-schnozzed C.D. Bales (note the initials) with Daryl Hannah starring as the titular Roxanne. 

Bales loves Roxanne but she’s attracted to the handsome Chris. Problem is that Chris is kind of a dolt. So Bales and Chris team up and develop a system in which Bales dictates Chris’s lines to Roxanne for him. Sound familiar? It should because it’s one of the most frequently satirized and referenced romantic tropes of all time. Here, however, it feels particularly fresh and fun as it borrows directly from the source, itself.