Amazon is looking to make more expensive, less risky movies it seems…

News Simon Brew

Jan 19, 2018

Ah, this is a shame. Amazon has been one of the companies, in recent years, willing to invest in smaller indie movies, and consequently riskier fare. It’s hit big in two cases, notably Manchester By The Sea and The Big Sick. However, a growing number of the movies that it’s backed have sunk quickly.

According to a report in Reuters, as it looks to become a bigger player in the film business, Amazon is set to reduce the number of smaller films it backs, as it seeks to pursue more expensive, more prominent productions. As opposed to hunting for films costing around the $5 million mark, Amazon instead will look for a smaller number of movies, with price tags closer to $50 million. That’s still cheap in terms of a big movie, but Amazon figures stands a better chance of getting some kind of return.

It follows its similar move in television, where it’s cancelled a collection of its smaller, riskier comedy shows in favour of investing in the likes of the far higher profile Lord Of The Rings TV series.

Amazon will still seek smaller fare too. Just less of it.