Jessica Alba returns to series TV in NBC's Bad Boys TV spinoff starring Gabrielle Union.


Joseph Baxter Tony Sokol

Mar 2, 2018

Jessica Alba is returning to series TV for the first time since she starred in James Cameron’s Dark Angel. Alba will join Gabrielle Union in NBC’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled Bad Boys televisionspinoff, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Alba will also executive produce the project. The Bad Boys spinoff stars Union, who is reprising her role as the sister to Martin Lawrence’s character in the 2003 sequel film Bad Boys 2. Original Ghostbuster  Ernie Hudson will play Joseph Burnett, the father of Union’s character.

Union’s character Syd also happened to be dating his partner, Will Smith’s Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowery; relationships that surprised both men. However, in the movie, Marcus and Mike eventually learn that Syd is an undercover DEA agent and happened to be investigating the same Cuban ecstasy ring that they were chasing.

Alba will play LAPD detective Nancy McKenna, the partner to Gabrielle Union’s DEA agent Syd Burnett. Nancy is an Army veteran who joined the military police because women weren’t allowed in combat, spent a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now raising two preteen kids with her husband

Alba starred in the Fox science fiction series Dark Angel from 2000 to 2002.  She appeared on the shows Entourage, The Office, The Spoils of Babylon and Barely Famous. She was featured in the films Sin City, Fantastic Four and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer, Machete, Into the Blue, El Camino Christmas, Mechanic: Resurrection. She founded The Honest Company in 2011.

Hudson’s seemingly interminable acting resume lives up to the words of his iconic Ghostbusters character, Winston Zeddemore, declaring that, “If there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.” His recent notable roles include a run on Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie, a recurring role on Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival and a regular role on Fox’s cancelled high-tech police procedural, APB.

While the bulk of Union’s appearance as Syd in Bad Boys 2 took place in Miami, the spinoff series will see her make a fresh start with a coastal migration to Los Angeles, where she will work as an LAPD detective. However, her rough approach and brash personality – apparently masking painful secrets – will clash with new partner, Nancy McKenna. Thus, in the spirit of Bad Boys (with a healthy dollop of Lethal Weapon,) the prospective Peacock Network series will brandish a buddy cop dynamic, except, you know, with a pair of bad girls.

The Bad Boys spinoff pilot was written by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, a duo who work for NBC crime drama The Blacklist as writers and producers. The project was reportedly conceived by Primary Wave Entertainment as a vehicle for client Gabrielle Union. Sony Pictures Television will produce. Original film producer Jerry Bruckheimer is onboard, joined by Doug Belgrad, both as executive producers, via 2.0 Entertainment and Primary Wave Entertainment. – There’s no word yet on whether original film series director Michael Bay will be involved.

For Union, the starring role in a Bad Boys spinoff series is a timely opportunity, with her BET drama series Being Mary Jane ending with a TV movie finale after a four-season run. She’s recently been seen in films such as The Birth of a Nation, Almost Christmas and Sleepless. Long before that, she cut her teeth in teen fare and a 1997 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine guest role, before finding film success with roles in (Heath Ledger breakout film) 10 Things I Hate About You, the original Bring it On and, of course, Bad Boys 2. She also fielded TV runs on City of Angels, the short-lived Night Stalker reboot series and Flashforward.

The Bad Boys buddy cop film franchise, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, has been dormant since the 2003 sequel. Behind-the-scenes plans have been sporadically surging ever since for a cash cow continuation. Whether or not Bad Boys 3 actually ends up becoming a reality, this TV spinoff series could make for a welcoming cross-media IP atmosphere for a connected sequel film that reunites Smith and Lawrence. Of course, with 1995’s Bad Boys being a $141.4 million (worldwide) surprise smash and 2003’s Bad Boys 2 raking in $273.3 million (worldwide), having the film tentpole of Bad Boys 3 would certainly help the TV pilot’s chances.

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