Cathy Yan will be the first Asian American woman to direct a superhero movie with Birds of Prey.

News Kayti Burt

Apr 18, 2018

Give another high five to Warner Bros and DC. While the MCU have yet to give a woman solo directorship of one of its MCU films, the DCEU has just secured its second solo female director. According to Deadline, Cathy Yan will be stepping behind the camera for the next Harley Quinn movie. She will be the first Asian American woman to direct a superhero film.

The Harley Quinn movie is based on the Birds of Prey comic, which implies an ensemble piece, with Margot Robbie already attached to star. (Robbie reportedly wanted a female director for the film.) Christina Hodson, whose name you may recognize as she was just announced as the scriptwriter for the upcoming Batgirl film, wrote the script.

Yan has a number of writing, producing, and directing credits on her resume. She previously directed the feature film Dead Pigs. Check out a clip from the Shanghai-set film, which recently premiered at Sundance.

According to the report, the script for the film is still being worked on, with Yan set to take over once it has been finalized. Production is expected to start at the end of 2018 as Quinn has Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to film before returning as Harley Quinn.

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