Marvel's Kevin Feige wants Ryan Coogler to return to direct the Black Panther sequel…

News Simon Brew

Feb 15, 2018

Black Panther hits theaters this weekend, off the back of very strong reviews. It’s duly expected to clean up at the box office, and already, many are wondering when Marvel will get around to announcing Black Panther 2.

Variety put the sequel question to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, and while he’s playing his cards close to his chest, he’s also very much leaving the door open for Black Panther 2 to happen. “We always say we work on one movie at a time. If you have any good ideas, put it in the movie you’re making,” Feige said. “If you don’t, you might not be able to make another one. That said, Panther has been around for more than half a century in the comic books and there are many, many stories to tell.”

Does he want Ryan Coogler to come back and direct a sequel, given the job he’s done with the first film? “I hope so,” Feige said, confirming that he “absolutely” wanted him to come back.

We’ll wait and see, but hopefully there’s confirmation of Black Panther 2, and Coogler’s return, sooner rather than later. 

Black Panther 2 Release Date

It’s a little early for this, of course, but Marvel currently has three unassigned dates on its release schedule, all of which are in 2020. Those dates are May 1, August 7, and November 6. The only confirmed/announced project right now that doesn’t already have an official date is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which means one of those 2020 dates will likely go to that. But either of the others would be good fits for Black Panther 2, they would just have to get to work relatively soon in order to make it happen.

The full Marvel movie release calendar can be found here.