The Deadpool 2 score features a track that makes it apparent that Deadpool needs to start running and never look back!

News Gavin Jasper

May 8, 2018

With Deadpool 2 so close, it’s kind of surprising how little we truly know about the movie. Fox has been releasing fake plot summaries from the beginning and the trailers don’t give us all that much outside of Deadpool fighting Cable and the introduction of X-Force. Obviously, Deadpool and Cable will end up allies because [remember to enter hacky “Martha” joke later], but what exactly are they up against? Who are they truly up against?

There had been talk about Black Tom Cassidy being a major villain, followed by rumors that he was removed from the movie. If he is involved, one must remember that in comics and TV, Black Tom has a very well-known supervillain companion. Where Black Tom goes, the Juggernaut follows.

Would they actually put Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 and keep him out of the trailers in all the lead-up? That might be the case! The soundtrack and the score will be released soon and the latter of which makes it seem like Cyttorak’s soldier is going to show up. Tyler Bates’ track “You Can’t Stop This Mother Fucker” is an orchestral piece sounding like a final boss battle in a video game.

A chorus kicks in, singing, “YOU CAN’T STOP HIM! HE’S THE JUGGERNAUT! YOU CAN’T STOP THIS MOTHER FUCKER!” followed by repeated chants of, “HOLY SHITBALLS!” All in all, a perfect soundtrack for what it feels like to be chased by Cain Marko.

This wouldn’t be the first cinematic appearance by the Juggernaut. Vinnie Jones played him in X3: X-Men United, remembered mostly for referencing that “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” viral video. That and his rubber abs. Presumably, the Deadpool 2 version will build on the visual upgrade that we got out of Colossus, perhaps being more in the ten-foot tall range.

In the early days of Deadpool’s comic adventures, Black Tom and Juggernaut were semi-regular adversaries. Before having a solo ongoing comic, Deadpool starred in two four-issue miniseries and each one featured him going up against the two X-Men villains. The only reason they didn’t show up in the ongoing was that Joe Kelly thought it would have been too obvious. Though Juggernaut did pay his respects at Deadpool’s funeral one time.

The Deadpool 2 score will be released on May 11. The soundtrack and the movie itself will be out on May 18.

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