It’s now been six months since Destiny 2 was originally released, and although we haven’t heard anything recently about new DLC, Bungie continues to tweak and improve the game in a number of ways. Today, the company laid out how it’s planning on modifying the game’s competitive multiplayer mode.

Destiny 2’s multiplayer mode, the Crucible, has been a source of consistent player feedback (and sometimes complaints) over the past few months, but Bungie has some significant changes in store. Specifically, the studio aims to make the mode “a faster, more dynamic, and more action-packed experience.”

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“There is a lot to get excited about in Update 1.1.4, but something the team really wanted to do was go back and refine the core experience,” Bungie said in a blog post. “Looking at the feedback, it was clear that the community felt there were two key areas for improvement with the Crucible: ‘Time to Kill’ and ‘Team Shotting.’ So we set our sights on re-working systems, mechanics, and values to tackle those two areas.”

To address these issues, Bungie plans on, among other things, reducing the respawn timers for all game modes. All Quickplay modes’ respawn timers have been lowered to two seconds; Survival and Countdown timers are now seven seconds.

In addition, power ammo will also respawn more quickly, meaning that there’ll be substantially more rockets, sniper rounds, and fusion rifle blasts flying around maps. And, perhaps most notably, players will drop unused power ammo upon death.

To address the team shotting issue–essentially, an issue with teams being able to gang up on players too easily–Bungie is tweaking competitive modes to make it harder to clump with your team members. When Update 1.1.4 launches, the teammate tracker will be removed from Trials of the Nine and Competitive matches.

There’s a whole lot more coming in Update 1.1.4, including tweaks to all the player classes. You can see the full list of changes over at Bungie’s website. The update launches on March 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In other news, Iron Banner is live once again in Destiny 2 along with a bunch of new rewards. Many other changes are coming to Destiny 2, as well, such as an overhaul to how Exotic weapons work.