Disney announces release dates for projects through until early 2023…

News Simon Brew

Mar 2, 2018

Disney is sticking to what’s worked best over the past few years, and has earmarked dates for a bunch of live action fairtytales, Pixar projects and Marvel movies.

At this stage, it’s just reserving dates, but it does give you a firm idea of the company’s production output. It’s sticking to three Marvel movies a year, and five live action projects. Dates for new Walt Disney Animation Studios’ movies haven’t been announced as part of Disney’s release date grab. But here are the dates it’s reserved in the US for its upcoming features…

Live action films/fairytales [and we suspect these cover Star Wars projects too]

October 4th 2019

November 8th 2019

February 14th 2020

May 29th 2020

October 9th 2020

December 23rd 2020

February 12th 2021

May 28th 2021

July 9th 2021

October 8th 2021

December 22nd 2021

May 27th 2022

July 8th 2022

October 7th 2022

November 4th 2022

November 16th 2022

February 17th 2023

Marvel films

May 7th 2021

July 30th 2021

November 5th 2021

February 18th 2022

May 6th 2022

July 29th 2022


Pixar films

March 6th 2020

March 18th 2022

June 17th 2022

Feel free to start speculating as to what films are likely to fill what slots…!