Ed Sheeran is set for a role in Danny Boyle's upcoming musical…

News Simon Brew

Apr 16, 2018

Before he almost certainly embarks on filming James Bond 25, with production on that set to start at the end of the year, Danny Boyle will be shooting his thus-far untitled musical comedy. It’s a project set up at Universal Pictures, that’s been penned by Richard Curtis. And it follows a man who wakes up one day to discover that he’s the only person who can actually remember the songs of The Beatles.

The cast for the movie thus far includes Lily James and Himesh Patel. And now, the – yuck – Daily Mail has broken the news that Ed Sheeran is in talks for a role in the movie. Quite what that role is remains to be seen, but he’s also expected to contribute music to the project as well.

More as we hear it. It’s Den Of Geek policy to link to our sources, even when we don’t like them, so here you go.

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