The BioWare Store is closing, and in an effort to unload inventory, it’s having a big sale on just about every item in stock. It looks like things are selling fast, so jump over to the site quickly to see what Mass Effect and Dragon Age goodies you can scoop up at big discounts.

Tons of apparel is on sale at steep price drops. You can snag an Andromeda logo hoodie, with a zipper or without, for $20 instead of the usual $60. Ditto N7 hoodies, jackets, and even messenger bags. The sale also features ball caps, beanies, and tees on sale for $5 each.

Lots of figures and plushes are also available. Dragon Age Titans figures are only $1, down from $20. Pin collectors can find sizable discounts on a variety of Mass Effect pins. The store even sells adult coloring books, puzzles, and models of Mass Effect ships.

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Some of the biggest savings are on bust statues. These busts, for Dragon Age characters like Cassandra, Sara, and Iron Bull, were made from the actual modeling files used for the in-game cutscenes. They normally retail for $70, but you can get them now for $5 each.

So hit up the BioWare Store before all these clothing items, collectibles, and accessories get bought out. You won’t find better deals this side of the Citadel.