Is crime a good line of work for women? Melissa McCarthy heads the Irish mob in New Line’s upcoming The Kitchen.


Tony Sokol

Feb 13, 2018

“What gives men the right to think that they know what’s best for women more than women do,”asks one of the toughest Irish mafia enforcers in DC Entertainment’s Vertigo comics series The Kitchen. “You really think that’s our fuckin’ choice to make?” Melissa McCarthy will play one of the leads in New Line Cinema’s adaptation of the empowering crime series, according to Variety. McCarthy joins Girls Trip star and long-time standup comedian Tiffany Haddish.

The Kitchen is being written and directed by Andrea Berloff, who wrote Straight Outta Compton. The Vertigo Comics series comic comes from Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle, and featured an all-female art team. Drawn by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire with cover art Becky Cloonan, The Kitchen was published in 2014.

The Kitchen told the story of mob wives Raven, Kathy, and Angie who rule their husbands’ Hell’s Kitchen territory while their husbands are in jail. They get help from their mentor Tommy, an enforcer.  The women end up running the neighborhood more viciously than their husbands ever did. When their husbands get out of prison, women are not going back to the kitchen. The film is being described as gritty.

McCarthy, who took heat in the 2016 female comic actor remake of Ghosbusters, most recently starred in the comedy Life of the Party, which was co-written and directed by her husband Ben Falcone. She also stars in STXfilms’ upcoming comedy The Happytime Murders. She was featured on the Gilmore girls before breaking out in Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids.

There is no word on when The Kitchen starts production.