We might have missed our chance to see Superman in the black and silver costume in Justice League, but scenes were filled.

News Mike Cecchini

Feb 9, 2018

The Justice League autopsy continues. One of the many questions surrounding the film in the wake of its release is why Superman’s journey from “rose from the dead on the wrong side of the crypt” to “actually this is pretty much the Superman we’ve wanted on screen for the last 30 years” seemed a little abbreviated. After all, in the comics, when Superman died at the spikey hands of Doomsday, he didn’t return to primary colored and caped glory right away. Instead, he spent a little time in a black and silver Kryptonian regeneration suit before getting back into full costume.

Henry Cavill even stirred up fans early in the filming of Justice League with an Instagram post that may or may not have been teasing the black and silver Superman resurrection costume from the comics. It never showed up on screen, though. But according to Fabian Wagner, the cinematographer on Justice League, Superman’s black suit exists. “There were [scenes shot],” Wagner told Inverse back in December. “It’s a cool looking costume. Sadly, we didn’t see that either in the final cut.”

A fragment of a deleted scene from Justice League does indeed reveal the black and silver Superman suit. Watch it here…

And there it is! Even as someone who enjoyed Justice League, I felt that the way Superman’s return was handled was pretty abrupt. This scene, which appears to take place on the alien “fortress” ship, is a nice callback to the worldbuilding of Man of Steel (and the use of Hans Zimmer’s Superman theme here is welcome). There’s something else cool here, too…

Obviously there’s the black Superman suit on the left, but see that spacesuit on the right? I wonder if that’s supposed to be the movie version of the Kryptonian warsuits that were featured in the excellent World of Krypton comic by John Byrne and Mike Mignola. One of those warsuits featured heavily in Superman’s comic book return from the dead.

So would this have been the only appearance of the black Superman costume in Justice League? Maybe not.

There had been other reports indicating that one of the deleted scenes involved Steppenwolf tempting Superman to join Darkseid’s army, and there would have been a vision of Superman in command of the forces of Apokolips. Maybe that’s where the black suit would have fit? In any case, Wagner affirmed that there’s more of the Justice League movie on the cutting room floor. “Zack takes his time with telling the stories, and I’ve always liked that about his movies,” he said. “There are a few scenes that I was very much looking forward to seeing which unfortunately got cut.”

Nevertheless, the evidence that Superman’s black and silver suit exists but didn’t make it to the big screen will likely be used as further evidence that Justice League was a victim of studio meddling, even though we don’t know what kind of shape the movie was in before said meddling would have taken place. There’s still hope from a certain segment of fans that we’ll get a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League someday, but that doesn’t seem terribly likely.

Justice League arrives on digital and on demand services on February 13, and on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13. You can pre-order it here.