Following Disney’s purchase of Fox, it now seems as though Lionsgate is in the crosshairs for a potential takeover…

News Simon Brew

Jan 18, 2018

We’ve already had one big takeover deal of late, when Disney confirmed it was acquired the film division of Fox. And while not quite on the same scale, it seems that it’s ignited takeover talk where Lionsgate is concerned too.

Lionsgate, which also owns the likes of Starz, is reportedly (via Deadline) a possible target now for Amazon, Verizon, or a union between CBS and Viacom. Whichever of those emerges successful – should a deal happen – it would comfortably transform a middling player in the movie and TV business into a very big one.

There’s no clear favorite as of yet, nor any confirmation that a takeover is close. Furthermore, it’s unclear if a deal holds appeal to Lionsgate.

But what does some certain is that Hollywood is going through a period of takeovers, mergers and consolidation, as the ramifications of Disney’s Fox purchase filter through the industry.