The next crossover event in Monster Hunter World is now available. With the Spring Blossom Fest event ongoing, a new quest is now available on PS4 and Xbox One that allows you to get your hands on the crafting materials necessary to dress your Palico up like Mega Man.

The event quest itself is called A Rush of Blood, and it’s an Arena where you have to hunt two Odagarons. One of these is an adorable, miniaturized version of the monster. That wrinkle aside, it’s an otherwise standard 7-star mission, with limits of 50 minutes and three faints. Completing it will reward you with Mega Man Tickets, which are one of the resources necessary to craft the new gear. You’ll have to repeat the fight several times to get enough tickets for everything.

With those in hand, head to the Smithy and open the Forge Palico Equipment section. Go to Full Armor Sets, and you can craft the Mega Man gear, which consists of two High Rank pieces: the Mega Man Helmet and Mega Man Suit. This costs three Mega Man Tickets.

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For the Palico weapon, you’ll go to the Standard Equipment area of the Forge Palico Equipment section. Toward the bottom of the High Rank weapons, you’ll find find the Mega Man set’s weapon, called the Mega Buster. This costs an additional two Mega Man Tickets, meaning you’ll need five total to craft everything.

One unique aspect of this gear was teased during its original announcement. Depending on what weapon your character has equipped, you’ll hear different classic Mega Man music when your Palico has this gear on. However, this is only true in the event quest; you unfortunately won’t be hearing it during your regular adventures.

You have only a limited time to collect the necessary materials for this gear, as the event quest will only be available until April 27. The Spring Blossom Fest, meanwhile, ends on April 19 and provides an opportunity to get a new greatsword and armor.