The first part of Monster Hunter World‘s Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover event is now over, meaning PS4 players can no longer get the Watcher gear set for their Palico. However, the second part of the event is on the way in a couple of weeks, and now Capcom has shared some more details to help players prepare for it.

The next Horizon-themed Event Quest is called The Proving. While we don’t know exactly what the quest will entail, Capcom has revealed that it involves hunting down a giant Anjanath. You’ll also need to reach Hunter Rank 11 or higher before you can accept the quest.

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The Proving begins on February 28 and runs until March 5. Completing the quest will reward you with materials to craft Aloy’s bow and armor, which you can take a look at above. Equipping Aloy’s armor will change your appearance to look like the Horizon protagonist, regardless of your hunter’s gender.

The Horizon Event Quests and gear are exclusive to the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World, but those aren’t the only crossover costumes coming to the game. Capcom also revealed a pair of Street Fighter V armor that turns your hunter into Ryu and Sakura. In addition to that, players will have a chance to get retro Mega Man armor for their Palico.

Monster Hunter World released for PS4 and Xbox One last month and set a new sales record for Capcom. The game is also slated to arrive for PC, but that version won’t launch until sometime this fall. If you’re looking for more to do in the game, we’ve rounded up all of the Event Quests and bonuses available in Monster Hunter World right now.