The first big DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Hidden Ones, is set to launch very soon. The expansion arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, January 23, but before then, Ubisoft has shared a new trailer that sets the stage for the upcoming DLC.

The Hidden Ones is a story-driven expansion that sheds more light on the rise of the Assassin Brotherhood. It is set four years after the events of the main game and takes players to the new Sinai Peninsula region, where they’ll have to “investigate a clash between a rebel faction and occupying Roman forces.” The new trailer offers a glimpse at this conflict, showing Roman soldiers slaughter innocent Egyptians and raze cities while the eponymous Hidden Ones retaliate.

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In addition to the new story chapter, The Hidden Ones introduces a variety of new items for players to acquire, including an outfit, two Legendary weapon sets, a pair of mounts, and other weapons. The expansion also raises the game’s level cap to 45. Players who’ve purchased Assassin’s Creed Origins’ season pass will receive The Hidden Ones for no additional cost, while everyone else will be able to purchase it separately for $10.

The next DLC expansion for Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Curse of Pharaohs, is scheduled to launch on March 6. That DLC introduces a brand-new storyline separate from the main game that pits players against famous pharaohs and Egyptian beasts. Like The Hidden Ones, the expansion will also add new outfits, gear, and weapons, these themed around ancient Egyptian mythology. The Curse of Pharaohs is likewise included in Assassin’s Creed Origins’ season pass or can be purchased individually for $20.

Beyond the two paid DLC expansions, Ubisoft is also releasing an educational Discovery Tour mode for Assassin’s Creed Origins next month, on February 20. That mode will be available as a free update to players who already own the game (or as a standalone $20 download on PC), and it lets players explore the world without any combat or quests. Ubisoft will add daily guided tours curated by historians and experts to this mode for players to embark on and learn more about Egyptian society and history.