With an assist from Walmart, the news is out: Rage 2 is official. We don’t know a ton about the game yet, but we do know it’s coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One sometime in 2019. It’s being co-developed by Id Software and Avalanche Studios, and published by Bethesda.

As for what kind of game it is, Rage 2 is an open-world shooter set in a Mad Max-like post-apocalypse. A comet has crashed into Earth, killing off 80% of the population. For the few who are left, anarchy reigns, bullets fly, and explosions are as common as a cold. The game also features a healthy dose of vehicular combat, which comes as no surprise, seeing as Avalanche Studios’ last game was Mad Max. There’s even a gyrocopter for anyone who wants to take to the air.

If you’ve already decided you’re all-in on Rage 2, you’re probably wondering what kind of extra freebies you can get for locking in your pre-order. We have all the info you need below, along with which retailers are currently offering Rage 2 for pre-order.

Rage 2 pre-order bonuses

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You’ll get a handful of freebies for pre-ordering Rage 2.

  • Exclusive mission “Cult of the Death God”
  • Settler’s Pistol
  • Nicolas Raine Armor
  • Monster Truck

It sounds like you’ll have to complete the pre-order exclusive mission to get the gear. According to GameStop’s description, the Cult of the Death God mission is “a wild ride that sends [the protagonist] Walker after a cult of crazed mutants who have taken to worshipping the image of Nicholas Raine–the hero of the original RAGE. Survive the sewers and fight through hordes of mutants–including the massive and monstrous Abadon Warlock–to receive Raine’s legendary armor along with the fan-favorite Settler Pistol and the new Mutant Monster Truck.”

Where to pre-order

Ironically, you can’t pre-order Rage 2 at Walmart (or most other retailers that sell games) yet. But here’s where you can secure a pre-order:

That’s it for now. We’ll update this article as more retailers make Rage 2 available for pre-order.

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