The debut film from rapper Boots Riley has received a trailer befitting its off-the-wall premise and all-star cast.

News Alec Bojalad

Mar 11, 2018

Everything about Sorry to Bother You seems pretty crazy from the outset.

It is written and directed by long-time rapper and first-time filmmaker Boots Riley. It stars wonderfully spacey Atlanta and Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfield. It’s about a down and out black telemarketer who rises to success by adopting a “white-sounding” voice on the phone.

Still, even with all that set-up, Sorry to Bother You‘s first trailer is still surprisingly and satisfyingly stranger than expected.

Yes, that’s Thor: Ragnarok’s Tessa Thompson wearing “Murder” and “Kill” earrings. Yes, that’s Armie Hammer making our protagonist a written offer that reads “I am offering your $100,000,000” with a smiley face. And yes, that is David Cross speaking through Lakeith’s Stanfield’s mouth and Steve Buscemi speaking through Danny Glover’s. 

There’s a lot to love in this trailer. The look, sounds, and tone all seem novel and unique. Not only that, but there is a strong TV and geek culture presence with Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Omari Hardwick (Power) central parts of the cast. 

Stanfield plays Cassius Green, a laconic Oakland man with little drive. He sleepwalks through life until he happens upon a special gift: the ability to speak with a white man’s voice. Cassius rides this ability to the very top of his company where he crosses paths with his boss Steve Lift (Hammer)

Sorry to Bother You screens this week at SXSW. It was one of the more buzzed-about movies from the festival scene and Annapurna Pictures has picked it up on a seven-figure deal with a theatrical debut set for July 6, 2018.