There's already a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel confirmed by Marvel Studios and Sony.

News Mike Cecchini

Jan 29, 2018

Marvel Studios and Sony wasted no time in locking in a sequel for Spider-Man: Homecoming, doing it back in December 2016, right after the first trailer was released. John Watts is likely to return as director.

Of course, this is going to cause problems around here for at least a year until we know what the heck they’re going to call this thing. Do we refer to it as the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel? Is it Spider-Man: Homecoming 2? How about just plain old Spider-Man 2? Oh, wait, that last one is already taken. Maybe we’ll finally get a movie called The Spectacular Spider-Man (which was the initial rumored title for Homecoming). 

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Cast and Characters

One difference this time is that instead of teaming up with Iron Man, THR reports that there will be a different Marvel Studios hero accompanying Peter on his adventures. Since Marvel can’t make solo Hulk movies without Universal’s approval, that could be a fun time, although they’d be quite an odd couple on screen. Spidey and Doctor Strange? Spidey and Captain America? Place your bets!

There are reports that Spidey will cross paths with a European “femme fatale” type character, as well. Could this be the MCU version of Felicia Hardy? Maybe Silver Sable?

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Release Date

The latest info is that it will begin production on June 1st. Apparently some of the production will take place in the UK. Whatever this movie is called, it’s coming on July 5, 2019. The full schedule of upcoming Marvel movies can be found here.