Michael Jai White needs your help – and a bit of cash – to make The Outlaw Johnny Black…

News Simon Brew

Mar 6, 2018

Every person who discovers Michael Jai White’s brilliant comedy Black Dynamite tends not to regret it. It’s an hilarious movie, and if you’ve not had the pleasure of it, do seek it out. You may thank us later.

However, Michael Jai White also needs your help. He’s now working on his Black Dynamite-follow-up, a movie that goes by the name of The Outlaw Johnny Black. He’s looking to pull together $1 million to make the film, and he’s launched an IndieGogo campaign so that he can fund it outside of the studio system.

Here’s the trailer that Jai White has put together, to try and persuade you to part with your cash…

If you want to support the film, then the crowdfunding page is here.