You might not have been able to join this band of misfits in Pokemon Sun or Moon, but you’ll be able to become one of the goons now. The Pokemon Center is now selling an exclusive apparel line of Team Skull gear for the Pokemon thief in you.

Whether you’re looking to casually sport your favorite gang of misfits or to amp up your villainous cosplay, this line has a little something to satisfy everyone. It includes a variety of items from accessories to bags starting at $13, which you can see in the gallery below.

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Snag yourself the full accessory kit with a beanie, bandana, necklace, and wristbands for $40, or deck yourself in Guzma’s half-sleeved hoodie for $70. On the slightly more affordable side, the Team Skull t-shirt is $30, and socks are $13. But if you’re looking for subtlety while sporting your inner goon, you might want to go for the $70 messenger bag.

You can snag all of these Team Skull goodies at the Pokemon Center. And while you’re at it, make sure to grab this month’s free legendary Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Moon.