Here's what happens when two pop culture icons cross paths. Oh boy this is great.

News Chris Cummins

Mar 2, 2018

We’re always at least pretty excited to talk about Robocop, so much so that we’ve been diving deep into the depths of the internet to watch some of the character’s ephermeral appearances off the silver screen (except maybe for the TV series he had in which he squared off against an enemy called Pudface, because frankly we just can’t believe that was a thing).

The Future of Law Enforcement was often being used to sell products and appear in otherwise embarrasing situations.

At the 1989 Academy Awards Pee-wee Herman encountered ED-209 and had to enlist Robocop’s help:

Like all comedy bits at the Oscars, this goes on wayyyyyy too long and is just awkward in general (nice animated laser blasts), but we dig the silliness of this anyway. What do you think?

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