Wrestlemania is quickly approaching. The 34th annual installment of WWE’s biggest event of the year takes place on Sunday, April 8, coming to the Superdome in New Orleans. The match card for the event is still being filled out, and there is room for a few more matches.

That being said, there are plenty of rumors drifting around the ‘net about additional matches, future plans for wrestlers, and surprise returns of injured wrestlers. One longstanding rumor that came true this past week was Daniel Bryan being cleared to wrestling once again. What else could come true? We rounded up some of the most believable ones coming from wrestling insiders.

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Take these rumors with a grain of salt as not all rumors end up coming true. We’ll be updating piece throughout the upcoming weeks to let you know what’s confirmed and what we heard wrong.

Daniel Bryan’s Future

Daniel Bryan has to go in for medical testing after every match. While many are saying Daniel Bryan is the healthiest star in the company, part of the superstar’s new agreement requires him to get a doctor’s evaluation after every match. (via Cagesideseats) It’s pretty obvious that he’ll be teaming up with Shane McMahon to take on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The supposed stipulation for the match will be a street fight or unsanctioned match. (via Ringsidenews)

Owens and Zayn Will Remain Fired

In addition, Owens and Zayn–who were “fired” on the March 20 episode of Smackdown–may remained fired until after Wrestlemania, where they will be drafted by Raw. (via Ringsidenews)

Is AJ Styles Injured?

There have been rumors that WWE Champion AJ Styles is injured. While there is no confirmation as to whether or not that is true, AJ Styles said in a recent interview that he will be at Wrestlemania, no matter what anyone else claims. (via Catch-Newz)

When Will Cena/Taker Be Announced?

John Cena won’t get an official Wrestlemania match until days before the event. We all know the Undertaker will fight Cena at this year’s event, but Taker has not answered Cena’s call. Apparently, the confirmation for this match won’t come until the Raw before Wrestlemania on April 2. (via Cagesideseats)

Big Cass Will Return

Remember Big Cass? He’s been injured since Summerslam last year, and apparently, Cass has been telling people his leg has healed up, and he’s cleared to wrestle again. It’s unclear if he’ll be at Wrestlemania this year, even if it’s just for a quick spot in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. If not Wrestlemania, then Cass could return at Raw the next night. (via PWInsider)

WWE’s Plans For Asuka

Get ready for a long Asuka run. She’s a shoe-in to win the championship at Wrestlemania against Charlotte, and the plan is for her to defend it for a year, leading to Wrestlemania 35 where she takes on Ronda Rousey. (via WrestlingNews)

The Rivalry Isn’t Over

According to wrestling insider Dave Meltzer, Gargano vs. Ciampa will happen at Takeover: New Orleans. (via Twitter)

The Greatest Royal Rumble On WWE Network

Apparently, the Greatest Royal Rumble, an event taking place on April 27 in Saudi Arabia, will appear on the WWE Network. The 50-man rumble match was promoted on the WWE Network when you try to cancel your subscription. GameSpot attempted this but saw no such promotion on the cancellation page. (via Twitter)

Hulkmania To Run Wild Again?

Hulk Hogan hasn’t been a part of WWE since July 2015, but that could change. Hogan is allegedly in talks with WWE to make his return. As to what he would do in WWE is the real question. With Shane McMahon spending less time on tv and Daniel Bryan going back to wrestling, there are a couple of positions open on Smackdown for a new commissioner or general manager. At this time, WWE stated it does not have a contract with Hogan. (via PWInsider)

We’ll learn if more of these rumors are true during Wrestlemania weekend, which takes place April 6-8.